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18th International Storytelling Festival in Iran

Scientific sessions of 18th International Storytelling Festival in Tehran are held in advance of this cultural event since 3 February.

Fourteen sessions and four workshops are held in 18th International Storytelling Festival so that a group of Iranian and international experts share their experiences with storytellers and other enthusiasts.

These sessions and workshops are held since 3 February in Cultural and Artistic Creativity Center and will be running till 18 February.

Storytelling and Book Promotion, Psychological Functions of Story in Modern World, Fairy Tales, Storytelling Tradition in Ancient Persian Literature, New Horizons in Storytelling and the Role of Story in Critical and Creative Thinking and attentive processing, Digital Storytelling Workshop and Storytelling in Schools are some subjects of these sessions and workshops.

Ali Boloukbashi, Zohreh Ghaeini, Mostafa Rahmandoost, Chista Yasrebi, Mohammadhadi Mohammadi, Behrouz Gharibpour, Seyyed Ahmad Vakilian, Hossein Sheykholeslami, Mike Lockett, Ali Asghar Seyyed-Abadi and Beatriz Montero are some of lecturers in these sessions.

18th International Storytelling Festival is held on 16-19 February 2016 in Cultural and Artistic Creativity Center of Institute for the Intellectual Development of children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) and will be running for four days, secretary of the festival Mojtaba Daneshvar said in a press release on Sunday. .

11 foreign storytellers will be attending the 18th edition of the International Storytelling Festival opening in Tehran on February 16.

Plans are for author and storyteller Beatriz Montero from Spain to hold a workshop for teachers of the institute during the festival, Daneshvar said.

In addition, Marion Kenny, a live performer from Scotland, is scheduled to teach storytelling to interested applicants in her workshop.

The storytellers are coming from Spain, Scotland, Germany, India, Lebanon, Australia, Denmark, Chile, Kenya and United States.

"Los martes de Montserrat del Amo", homenaje a la escritora en Madrid

La Biblioteca Regional de Madrid Joaquín Leguina rinde homenaje de agradecimiento a la escritora Montserrat del Amo cercano el primer aniversario de su fallecimiento. Este es el programa de las Jornadas "Los martes de Montserrat"