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Nuevo libro "Irish King and Hero Tales" de Richard Marsh (Irlanda)

Acaba de salir publicado el nuevo libro de Richard Marsh "Irish King and Hero Tales" lleno de personajes pintorescos, acción y humor negro de historias y leyendas de la Edad de Oro de la Literatura irlandesa. Prólogo de James MacKillop. ISBN 978-0-9557568-2-5.

It´s been published "Irish King and Hero Tales" by author Richard Marsh.Colourful characters, wild imaginings, vibrant action and black humour from the Golden Age of Irish Literature. Foreword by James MacKillop. ISBN 978-0-9557568-2-5.


Historical Legends:
Conaire the Great
Th Champion´s Portion (The Feast of Briuriu)
The Bórama (The Cattle Tribute)
The Saga of Maelodrán
The Spear of Maelodrán and the Spear of Belach Durgein.
Robert Bruce and the Spider.
The Red Hand of Ulster.
the Battle Goddess of clan Turlough.

Fionn mac Cumhail and the Fianna:
The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne.
Éachtach´s Revenge
Fionn´s Shield
How Diarmuid Got His Love Spot
The Death of Fionn
Caoilte Laments the Passing of the Fianna
Notes on the Stories

Richard Marsh


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