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Kathalaya celebrates 15 years (Bangalore, India)

Fifteen years ago in Bangalore, our coordinator in India Geeta Ramanujam founded Kathalaya, the house of stories with a vision of “establishing storytelling as an educative and communicative tool to effect a change in society”. 

Kathalaya has worked with teachers, NGO representatives, and parents to spread the art of storytelling and use it to make an impact on society.

The motivation for the company came when Geeta was working as a teacher, and every day would observe the monotony of common teaching practices and the corresponding faces of disengagement among the students. “I wanted to think of something that would inculcate an interest,” Geeta explained. “As a child, my father taught me the best history lessons through stories.”

Today Kathalaya travels the country to both urban and rural settings, teaching parents, teachers, and NGO representatives how to tell an engaging and effective story.

Congratulations Geeta! 

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