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EEUU: Barry Stewart Mann participa en el 7º Festival Internacional "Historias para cambiar el mundo", 21 Junio 2017

Thanks for coordinating this!

On Wednesday, I'll be presenting my summer storytelling program "Top Story Builders" at libraries in Ashburn and Adel, in southern Georgia, USA.  I've got 8 library programs across the state this week.

In a side note, I'm delighted to be joining the ranks of international tellers - this fall I'll be doing a tour to Colombia with Dream On Productions!  I'm excited to be making my first trip to South America, and though the storytelling is all in English, I hope to greatly improve mi español.

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Barry Stewart Mann, MFA

Actor, Storyteller, Educator, Writer
Alliance Theatre, Lesley University, Teaching Museum
Atlanta Partnership for Arts in Learning

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